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Are you looking for Puncture Repair for your vehicle?

Puncture Repair

Replacing your vehicle's tyre following a puncture or other impact damage can be a costly affair. A better and more cost-effective alternative to replacement is to opt for our puncture repair service.

Here at Junction 11 Motors we are one of the highly sought after puncture repair garage Wolverhampton, and offer you efficient puncture repair services at extremely cost-effective rates. We completely abide by the government prescribed guidelines and perform all the recommended checks before offering the puncture repair service. We strictly abide by the BS AU 159 puncture repair method to accurately plug the damaged area and avoid safety issues.

Reasons you need a professional puncture repair service

You may find several DIY friendly puncture repair videos online. However, puncture repair is an extremely intricate process and even a slight mistake on your part can cause irreparable damage to your car's tyre. It requires professional skills to obtain accurate results.

Not all car tyres can be repaired. There are several essential checks that must be conducted to ensure the structural integrity of the tyre is intact and maintain safety standards like:

  • The tread depth of the tyre must not be below 1.6mm
  • There should not be any exposed chords
  • There should not be any damage to the main tread
  • The sidewalls of the tyres need to be free from any damage
  • Puncture size must not be more than 6mm.

Without adequate expertise, it is impossible for you to carry out all these checks so it is crucial to visit a reliable workshop like ours for puncture repair Wolverhampton.

About our puncture repair process

We strictly abide by the BS AU 159 puncture repair process to repair your vehicle's tyre, which includes the following steps:

      • We will first unmount your vehicle's tyre and thoroughly inspect the damaged area.
      • Next, we will locate the damaged portion and remove any harmful external object attached to that area.
      • After this, we will prepare a puncture channel from the inside of the tyre.
      • Next, we will repeat the same process from the outside so that the channel created is resistance free on the mill cutter.
      • We will then clean an area of around 10mm to 20mm larger than the tyre repair patch using a customised pre-buff cleaner and scraper.
      • Next, we will hold the patch in position and outline it.
      • Next, we will apply a specialised vulcanising accelerator solution into the puncture channel, insert the tyre repair patch and plug it into the channel.
      • We will then pull the tyre repair patch and plug it outwards so that the entire tyre patch gets attached to the inside of the tyre adequately.
      • Next, we will use an inner liner sealant to seal the combination tyre repair patch, plug base and buffed area still exposed.
      • Finally, we will cut the tyre patch stem, mount it back to the car and re-inflate it to the required pressure.

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